We wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to our supporters.

1. Allan & Kathleen Lindhol DEC 2013 $100.00
2. Eugene W. Elliott DEC 2013 $100.00
3. Douglas & Cheryl Heser DEC 2013 $100.00
4. Don & Dottie Frenning DEC 2013 $200.00
5. Leah Anderson DEC 2013 $100.00
6.  Mark Scherer DEC 2013 $200.00
7.  Bob & Barb O'Neill DEC 2013 $100.00
8.  Polk Burnett Charities JAN 2014 $550.00
9.  Lillian Johnson APR 2014 $50.00
10.  SCV Foundation  APR 2014 $260.00


These are but a few of the many who support us.  

We welcome individuals and businesses as member-supporters. The orchestra requires funds to pay for music, director salary, solo performers, and concert promotion. A minimum donation of $25 is suggested for individuals and $50 for businesses. Supporters contributing $50 and more will be listed in concert programs and future member brochures. As a tax-exempt organization, contributions to the St. Croix Valley Orchestra are fully deductible from Federal and state income tax. Your tax deductible gifts helps to continue the orchestra's "making music for its friends in the valley."

A special thank you to 95.7 F.M. radio station, that records our concerts live for future broadcasts, bringing the music to a greater range of listeners. Our supporters will be acknowledged during these broadcasts.

Contributions can be made to St. Croix Valley Orchestra and mailed to:

St. Croix Valley Orchestra
105 Schulze Ave.
Center City, MN 55012